IN THE KITCHEN: Fabio Cappiello

Fabio is an Apulian Chef, now a Nursino by adoption. He grew up in the restaurants of the Bianconi family in Norcia, where he has been working for over 15 years. He has had a tough apprenticeship and has earned, year after year, the trust of his colleagues and the Family. In 2018 he became Sous Chef at the Michelin-starred Vespasia Restaurant. He participated in haute cuisine events in Italy and Asia. Fabio is a great connoisseur of Norcia products, the best local suppliers, traditional recipes and flavors of this land.

IN THE ROOM: Laura Santoro

Laura is the “Mamma” at the head of the Vespasia dining room. Originally from Salerno, she has lived with her family for 20 years near Norcia. Her professional career developed within the Bianconi Family company. Laura stood out for her passion and desire to continually improve. She joined the Vespasia dining room staff in 2013, becoming Chef de rang in 2016 and Maître in 2017. She is passionate about wine, Sommelier and continues her education through courses and seminars organized by the Bianconi Family and by Relais & Châteaux, the prestigious association to which the Vespasia restaurant belongs.


Since 1850, the Bianconi family has handed down the love for catering and hospitality from father to son, in a tradition that makes it one of the longest-lived Italian families in this sector. Discussion and the desire to improve have always distinguished the Bianconi’s path and, especially, that of the last generations starting with Carlo who, after completing the hotel school in Rome, in the 1960s went to discover the world working in the catering of large luxury hotel chains, first in Switzerland and then in Germany. Vincenzo and Federico then followed the same path, first training at home and away, then studying Tourism Economics and continuing to confront and train with the best leaders in the sector and in the most exclusive networks in the world, such as that of Relais & Châteaux and Virtuoso. Today the new generations of Bianconi are still budding, but the work of approaching this world has already begun.


The suppliers who make the difference for the Vespasia are those that who loves gastronomy has always the pleasure of meeting. They share with the Vespasia the same passion, the same sacrifices and the same desire to always improve, but that’s not enough. They also share with the Vespasia the same respect for the land, water, air, animals and people around them.

Discussion, in this context, is always constructive for everyone. The magical blend between these special people is given by many components, among which the pride in what they produced, the curiosity and humility that those who want to evolve should always have. It is a joy to have operational meetings with them. Below we mention some of them, together with the products they provide to us: – The Benedictine Monks of Norcia: Nursia beer – Lorenzo Battistini: saffron, black garlic, potatoes – Francesco Rossi: goat cheeses – Duilio Pasqua: sheep ricotta, pecorino, lambs – Enrico Foglietti: organic fruit jams and juices – Alfredo Angeli: piglets – Federica Ambrosini: pigeons – Alessandro Pistoni: cured meats – Alessandro Salvatori: sausages – Agostino Cataldi: hams – Cooperative of the Trasimeno Fishermen: shrimps, eels – F.lli Tranquilli : trout and char – Marco Agabiti: honey – and then, from our farm of which we share the property with the Cinque brothers of San Pietro di Positano – lentils, spelt, chickpeas, cicerchia, durum wheat and flours.