Property and management
Vincenzo and Federico Bianconi, thanks to their parents Carlo and Anna, have created the Vespasia project. They love the good and healthy things of the earth, the land and environmental and social sustainability. Together with Massimo and Daniele Pizzichini, they founded the ethic movement Salus per Cibum. They promote the excellence and development of this community by sharing a vision of a high, healthy and just future and with it they build new projects with the small, most enlightened producers. The Bianconi family has been catering since 1850.

The Chef Valentino Palmisano from 2017 has married the Vespasia project. A meeting of ideas and the sharing of ethical and professional values led the Neapolitan chef to move to Norcia, after a decade of experience of international prestige, for large hotel chains, passing from Shanghai to the Ritz-Carlton in Kyoto. Inserted in the top 10 of the best Italian Chefs abroad, for Arbiter magazine, in Asia Palmisano becomes one of the greatest interpreters of Italian Cuisine, authentic, creative and at the same time linked to tradition. Trained in the school of Alfonso Iaccarino, Bruno Barbieri, Pino Lavarra and Oliver Glowig, over the years he has joined with professionals such as Riccardo La Perna, Massimo Bottura, Domenico Iavarone, Gaetano Trovato, creating a program of international events called ” At the table with Valentino “.

Sous Chef
Kido Toshimitsu was born in Japan but he is Italian by adoption, fond of pasta and Italian cuisine. After attending a cooking school and working for a decade at the Italian restaurant of Hilton Hotel in Osaka, in 2014 he moved to the Ritz-Carlton in Kyoto where he met Chef Valentino Palmisano. In 2018 Kido decided to follow him at Vespasia in Norcia where he is Sous Chef to keep learning and mastering the secrets of Italian cuisine.

Junior Sous Chef
Fabio Cappiello was born in Bitonto, Apulia region. After graduating from the hospitality institute he works in some of his hometown restaurants. In 2010 he moves to Norcia to work for the Bianconi Hospitality Group where he emerges for capability and passion.
In 2017 he becomes a member of Vespasia Restaurant where he actually is Junior Sous Chef under the supervision of Chef Valentino Palmisano.

Maître / sommelier
Laura Santoro is a pillar of Vespasia and Palazzo Seneca. A smile of the Sorrento Coast that marries the concreteness of Umbria. Raised within the Bianconi family structures, Laura has been able to demonstrate over the years professionalism, determination and love for her work. Its elegant and thoughtful reception will make you feel at home.